Zoning Map As of 06/01/2017




Article I. 
Dogs at Large

Section 1-101.     		General Provisions
Section 1-102.     		Enforcement
Section 1-103.     		Violations and Penalties


Article I. 
Building Codes

Section 2-101.      	General
Section 2-102.      	Administration/Enforcement
Section 2-103.      	Board of Appeals
Section 2-104.      	Code Amendments
Section 2-105.      	Fees
Section 2-106.       	Certificate of Occupancy
Section 2-107.      	Violations and Penalties
Section 2-108.      	Exceptions to the International Residential Code

Article II
Reserved for Future Use

Article III
Construction Trailers

Section 2-301.     		General
Section 2-302.     		Construction Trailer Regulations
Section 2-303.     		Violations and Penalties

Article IV
Building Numbering

Section 2-401.      	Street Number Regulations
Section 2-402.     		Private Roadway Signs
Section 2-403.      	Prohibited Activities
Section 2-404.      	Enforcement
Section 2-405.      	Penalty for Violation

Article V
Construction in Floodprone Areas

Section 2-501.      	Intent
Section 2-502.      	Applicability
Section 2-503.      	Abrogation and Greater Restrictions
Section 2-504.      	Warning and Disclaimer of Liability
Section 2-505.      	Building Permits Required
Section 2-506.      	Issuance of a Building Permit
Section 2-507.      	Application Procedures and Requirements
Section 2-508.      	Placards
Section 2-509.      	Start of Construction
Section 2-510.      	Inspection and Revocation
Section 2-511.     		Fees
Section 2-512.      	Penalties
Section 2-513.      	Appeals
Section 2-514.      	Identification of Floodplains
Section 2-515.      	Description of Floodplain Areas/Districts
Section 2-516.	 	Changes in Floodplain Area Delineations
Section 2-517.      	Boundary Disputes
Section 2-518.      	Technical Provisions
Section 2-519.      	Special Requirement of the AE Area/District
Section 2-520.      	Elevation and Flood-Proofing Requirements
Section 2-521.      	Design and Construction Standards
Section 2-522.      	Development Which May Endanger Human Life
Section 2-523.      	Special Requirements for Manufactured Homes
Section 2-524.      	Activities Requiring Special Permits
Section 2-525.      	Application Requirements for Special Permits
Section 2-526.      	Application Review Procedures
Section 2-527.      	Special Technical Requirements
Section 2-528.      	Existing Structures in Identified Floodplain Areas
Section 2-529.      	Improvements
Section 2-530.      	Modifications
Section 2-531.      	Modification Procedures and Requirements
Section 2-532.      	Specific Definitions



Section 4-101.      	General


Article I
Public Safety and Emergency Services

Section 5-101.        	General
Section 5-102.        	Collection of Fees
Section 5-103.        	Fee Schedule
Section 5-104.        	Enforcement

Article II
False Alarms

Section 5-201.        	General
Section 5-202.         	Definitions
Section 5-203.         	Operational Standards
Section 5-204.         	Administration and Enforcement
Section 5-205.         	Penalties
Section 5-206.         	Out of Service Alarms


Article I

Section 6-101.        	General
Section 6-102.        	Definitions
Section 6-103.        	Regulations
Section 6-104.        	Time Limitations
Section 6-105.         	Exceptions
Section 6-106.         	Penalties

Article II
Fire Insurance Escrow

Section 6-201.        	Designated Officers
Section 6-202.        	Use of  Fire Insurance Proceeds
Section 6-203.        	Municipal Claims
Section 6-204.        	Insurance Company Rights Reserved
Section 6-205.        	Reasonable Municipal Fees
Section 6-206.        	Penalties, Costs, and Attorney Fees

Article III

Section 6-301.        	Definitions
Section 6-302.        	Permit Request
Section 6-303.        		Permits, Forms, Review, Fee
Section 6-304.        	Violations and Penalties


Article I
Junk Yards

Section 7-101.      	Definitions
Section 7-102.       	License
Section 7-103.       	Application for License
Section 7-104.       	Issuance of License
Section 7-105.       	License Limitation
Section 7-106.       	Transfer of License
Section 7-107.       	Records
Section 7-108.       	Delay in Disposal
Section 7-109.       	Regulations
Section 7-110.       	Violations and Penalties

Article II
Rental Property Tenant Registrations

Section 7-201.         	Purpose
Section 7-202.         	Registration Requirements
Section 7-203.         	Registration Time Period
Section 7-204.         	Fees
Section 7-205.         	Violations and Penalties

Article III
Peddling and Soliciting

Section 7-301.          	Definitions
Section 7-302.          	Licensing
Section 7-303.          	Time Restrictions
Section 7-304.          	Other Provisions
Section 7-305.          		Violations and Penalties

Article IV

Section 7-401.           	Definitions
Section 7-402.           	Operation
Section 7-403.           	Application for Permit
Section 7-404.           	Hours of Operation
Section 7-405.           	Prohibited Activities
Section 7-406.           	Penalty

Article V
Mobile Home Parks

Section 7-501.		Definitions
Section 7-502.		Operation
Section 7-503.		Violations and Penalties	

Article VI
Fire Service Features

Section 7-601.		Purpose
Section 7-602.		Key Box
Section 7-603.		Maintenance
Section 7-604.		Violations and Penalties

Article VII
Cable Franchise

Section 7-701.		Purpose
Section 7-702.		Definitions
Section 7-703.		Grant of Franchise
Section 7-704.		Construction and Maintenance Activities
Section 7-705.		Condition on Use and Occupancy of Streets
Section 7-706.		Safety Measures
Section 7-707.		Voluntary Subscriptions
Section 7-708.		System Services
Section 7-709.		Operation and Maintenance of System
Section 7-710.		Service Standards
Section 7-711.		Subscriber Rates and Changes
Section 7-712.		Discrimination Practices Prohibited
Section 7-713.		Insurance
Section 7-714.		Effective Date and Term of Franchise
Section 7-715.		Federal Regulations
Section 7-716.		Separability
Section 7-717.		Interpretation
Section 7-718.		Defaults - Arbitration
Section 7-719.		Grantee’s Inability to Perform
Section 7-720.		Binding Effect
Section 7-721.		Community Service


Article I
Speed Limits

Section 8-101.		General
Section 8-102.		Definitions
Section 8-103.		Provisions
Section 8-104.		Violations and Penalties

Article II
Weight Limits

Section 8-201.		General
Section 8-202.		Definitions
Section 8-203.		Provisions
Section 8-204.		Violations and Penalties

Article III
Parking on Public Roads

Section 8-301.		General
Section 8-302.		Provisions
Section 8-303.		Violations and Penalties

Article IV
Parking Prohibited on Streets During Periods of Snowfall

Section 8-401.		General Provisions
Section 8-402.		Vehicle Impoundment
Section 8-403.		Violations and Penalties

Article V
Prohibited Turns

Section 8-501.		General
Section 8-502.		Provisions
Section 8-503.		Enforcement
Section 8-504.		Violations

Article VI
Stop Signs

Section 8-601.		General
Section 8-602.		Provisions


Article I
Planning Commission

Section 9-101.		Establishment of Commission


Article I
Timber Harvesting

Section 10-101.		Policy; Purpose
Section 10-102.		Scope, Applicability
Section10-103.		Definitions
Section 10-104.		General Requirements
Section 10-105.		Permit Issuance
Section 10-106.		Violation Notices; Suspension
Section 10-107.		Penalties


Section 11-101.		Membership
Section 11-102.		Authorization
Section 11-103.		Custody of Funds
Section 11-104.		Requirements


Article I

Section 12-101.		Prohibition
Section 12-102.		Definitions
Section 12-103.		Applicability
Section 12-104.		Discrimination

Article II
Pension Plan

Section 12-201.		Establishment of Plan
Section 12-202.		Revenue Sources
Section 12-203.		Group Annuity Contract
Section 12-204.		Participation in the Plan
Section 12-205.		Participant Account Balance
Section 12-206.		Source of Benefit
Section 12-207.		Accrued Benefit
Section 12-208.		Normal Retirement Benefit
Section 12-209.		Late Retirement
Section 12-210.		Vesting
Section 12-211.		Disability Benefit
Section 12-212.		Annuity Income Options
Section 12-213.		Survivors Benefit
Section 12-214.		Supervisors in Charge
Section 12-215.		Inalienability of Pension Payments: Nontransferable
Section 12-216.		Administrative Expenses


Article I
Property Maintenance

Section 13-101.		Title
Section 13-102.		Definitions and Terms
Section 13-103.		Accumulation Unlawful
Section 13-104.		Commercial Performance Standards
Section 13-105.		Public Nuisances
Section 13-106.		Fire Hydrants
Section 13-107.		Sewage Discharge Unlawful
Section 13-108.		Infestation
Section 13-109.		Supervisors Hearing
Section 13-110.		Notice to Abate Nuisance
Section 13-111.		Failure to Abate


Article I
Authority and Purpose

Section 14-101.		Authority
Section 14-102.		Purpose
Section 14-103.		Jurisdiction
Section 14-104.		Effect
Section 14-105.		Application

Article II

Section 14-201.		Strict Construction
Section 14-202.		Definitions

Article III
Modifications or Waivers

Section 14-301.		General
Section 14-302.		Land Development
Section 14-303.		Waiver of Sketch Plan

Article IV
Application and Review Requirements

Section 14-401.		General
Section 14-402.		Preapplication Conference
Section 14-403.		Preliminary Plans
Section 14-404.		Final Plans

Article V
Performance Guarantee

Section 14-501.		Completion of Improvements Guarantee
Section 14-502.		Maintenance Bond
Section 14-503.		Amount of Security Disputed
Section 14-504.		Release from improvements Guarantee
Section 14-505.		Remedies to Effect Completion of Improvements
Section 14-506.		Conditions of Acceptance

Article VI
Public Improvements and Design Standards

Section 14-601.		General
Section 14-602.		Lots
Section 14-603.		Streets, Curbs, and Sidewalks
Section 14-604.		Utilities
Section 14-605.		Monuments and Markers
Section 14-606.		Fire Service Features

Article VII
Land Reservation and Open Space

Section 14-701.		Reservations
Section  14-702.		Recreation Areas

Article VIII
Environmental Performance Standards

Section 14-801.		General
Section 14-802.		Performance Requirements
Section 14-803.		Grading and Drainage Requirements
Section 14-804.		Subsidence Risk

Article IX
Supplemental Design Standards

Section 14-901.		Accessibility
Section 14-902.		Pedestrian Circulation
Section 14-903.		Signs
Section 14-904.		Storage Areas
Section 14-905.		Vegetation

Article X
Reserved for Future Use

Article XI
Mobile Home Parks

Section 14-1101.		Mobile Home Parks
Section 14-1102.		Responsibilities of the Management
Section 14-1103.		Violations
Section 14-1104.		General Standards
Section 14-1105.		Zoning Compliance

Article XII

Section 14-1201.		Review Fees
Section 14-1202.		Fees Payable
Section 14-1203.		Escrow and Billing for Professional Consultant
Section 14-1204.		Inspection Fees	
Section 14-1205.		Recording

Article XIII
Amendment and Review by County

Section 14-1301.		Amendments
Section 14-1302.		County Review
Section 14-1303.		Copy Forwarded
Section 14-1304.		Public Examination
Section 14-1305.		Right to Proceed

Article XIV
Enforcement Remedies

Section 14-1401.		Violations
Section 14-1402.		Preventative Remedies

Article XV
Validity and Repealer

Section 14-1501.		Validity
Section 14-1502.		Repealer
Section 14-1503.		The Center Township Zoning Ordinance


Article I
On Lot Sewage Disposal

Section 15-101.		Purpose
Section 15-102.		Definitions
Section 15-103.		Permits
Section 15-104.		Installers
Section 15-105.		Applications
Section 15-106.		New Construction
Section 15-107.		Portable Chemical Toilets Required for New Construction
Section 15-108.		Existing Systems
Section 15-109.		Complaints
Section 15-110.		Violations and Penalties

Article II
Sewage Retaining Tanks

Section 15-201.		Title
Section 15-202.		Authority
Section 15-203.		Purpose
Section 15-204.		Applicability
Section 15-205.		Definitions
Section 15-206.		Permits Required
Section 15-207.		Holding Tank: Construction Standards
Section 15-208.		Holding Tank: Operation and Maintenance
Section 15-209.		Holding Tank: Maintenance Agreement
Section 15-210.		Holding Tank: Municipal Inspections and Tests
Section 15-211.		Notice of Violations
Section 15-212.		Administration
Section 15-213.		Fees
Section 15-214		Appeals and Hearings
Section 15-215		Enforcement Procedures and Penalties

Article III
Sanitary Sewer Line Connections

Section 15-301.		Connection Required
Section 15-302.		Abandonment of On-Lot Disposal System
Section 15-303.		Erection of On-Lot Disposal Receptacles Prohibited
Section 15-304.		Notice to Connect
Section 15-305.		Failure to Connect After Notice
Section 15-306.		Connecting Regulations	
Section 15-307.		Service Line Specifications and Regulations
Section 15-308.		Unlawful Use of Sanitary Sewers
Section 15-309.		Definitions
Section 15-310.		Penalties
Section 15-311.		Enforcement

Article IV
Sanitary Sewer Certification

Section 15-401.		Definitions
Section 15-402.		Designation of BASA as Agents for the Township
Section 15-403.		Sale, Transfer, Mortgaging or Refinancing Without Evidence of Compliance Prohibited
Section 15-404.		Evidence of Compliance, Document of Certification, Application
Section 15-405.		Inspection of Sanitary Sewer Status Prior to Sale, Transfer, Mortgage or  Refinancing of Real Estate
Section 15-406.		Written Reports of and  Required Repairs of Deteriorating Laterals and  Sewer  Service Connections
Section 15-407.		Powers of BASA
Section 15-408.		Powers Conferred Herein are in Addition to  All Other Powers and Responsibilities of BASA
Section 15-409.		Rules and Regulations
Section 15-410.		No Conflict with General Police Powers
Section 15-411.		Violation Penalties; Appeal of Finding of illegal Connection, Device or Condition


Article I
Dumping of Garbage

Section 16-101.		General and Definitions
Section 16-102.		Effective Date
Section 16-103.		Violations and Penalties

Article II
Abandoned Vehicle, Trash and Junked Articles

Section 16-201.		General Provisions
Section 16-202.		Definitions
Section 16-203.		Violations and Penalties

Article III

Section 16-301.		Establishment of Program
Section 16-302.		Definitions
Section 16-303.		Separation and Collection
Section 16-304.		Leaf/Yard Waste
Section 16-305.		Lead Acid Batteries
Section 16-306.		Ownership of  Recyclable Materials
Section 16-307.		Franchise or License 
Section 16-308.		Administration and Enforcement
Section 16-309.		Violations and Penalties	

Article IV
Solid Waste

Section 16-401.		Short Title
Section 16-402.		Definitions
Section 16-403.		Standards and Regulations for Storage Prior to Collection
Section 16-404.		Standards and Regulations for Collection
Section 16-405.		Regulation of Authorized Contract Collectors
Section 16-406.		Regulation of Private Collectors
Section 16-407.		Collection and Disposal Charges, Fees and Deposits
Section 16-408.		Prohibited Activities
Section 16-409.		Rules and Regulations
Section 16-410.		Violations and Penalties


Article I
Township Road Occupancy Permits

Section 17-101.		Definitions
Section 17-102.		Permit Required
Section 17-103.		Application for Permit
Section 17-104.		Permit Fee
Section 17-105.		Removal and Separation of Paving Material: Barricades and Warning Lights
Section 17-106.		Work by Contractors and Public utilities
Section 17-107.		Temporary Paving; maintenance Thereof; Maintenance of Unpaved Areas
Section 17-108.		Responsibility of Contractor; Shoring and Bracing of Excavation; Removal of Slides and Cave-ins
Section 17-109.		Contractor’s Responsibility of Facilities and Structures
Section 17-110.		Permanent Restoration of Street Surfaces; Defects Appearing Within Two (2) Years
Section 17-111.		Liability Insurance
Section 17-112.		Work by person other Than Contractor of Public Utility
Section 17-113.		Responsibility for Other Work
Section 17-114.		Requirements for Work; Restrictions and Limitations
Section 17-115.		Emergency Work
Section 17-116.		Conditions for Construction or Extension of Water or Gas Mains
Section 17-117		Penalty for Violations
Section 17-118.		Restrictions on Openings in Winter Months
Section 17-119.		Public Utility Bond

Article II
Debris on Roads

Section 17-201.		General Provisions
Section 17-202.		Violations and Penalties

Article III
Highway Occupancy

Section 17-301.		Definitions
Section 17-302.		Purpose and Application
Section 17-103.		Permit Application Procedure
Section 17-104.		Permit Fees
Section 17-305.		Permit issuance
Section 17-306.		General Conditions
Section 17-307.		General Driveway Requirements
Section 17-308.		Driveway Design Requirements
Section 17-309.		Driveway Layout illustrations
Section 17-310.		Penalties and Enforcement

Article IV
Reserved for Future Use

Article V
Driveway Construction Registration

Section 17-501.		Definitions and Word Usage
Section 17-502.		Prohibited Acts
Section 17-503.		Registration
Section 17-504.		Compliance Required
Section 17-505.		Fees
Section 17-506.		Violations and Penalties


Article I
Realty Transfer Tax

Section 18-101.		Short Title
Section 18-102.		Authority
Section 18-103.		Definitions
Section 18-104.		Imposition of Tax; Interest
Section 18-105.		Exempt Parties
Section 18-106.		Excluded Transactions
Section 18-107.		Documents relating to Associations or Corporations and Members, Partnerships, Stockholders or Shareholders Thereof
Section 18-108.		Acquired Company
Section 18-109.		Credit Against Taxes
Section 18-110.		Extension of Lease
Section 18-111.		Proceeds of Judicial Sale	
Section 18-112.		Duties of Recorder of Deeds
Section 18-113.		Statement of Value
Section 18-114.		Civil Penalties
Section 18-115.		Lien
Section 18-116.		Enforcement
Section 18-117.		Regulations

Article II
Business Privilege and Mercantile Tax

Section 18-201.		Definitions
Section 18-202.		Business Privilege Tax
Section 18-203.		Mercantile Tax
Section 18-204.		Administration

Article III
Delinquent Tax Collector

Section 18-301.		General
Section 18-302.		Administration

Article IV
Elected Tax Collector

Section 18-401.		General
Section 18-402.		Fee Schedule

Article V
Local Services Tax

Section 18-501.		Purpose
Section 18-502.		Definitions
Section 18-503.		Levy of Tax
Section 18-504.		Exemptions and Refunds
Section 18-505.		Duty of Employers to Collect
Section 18-506.		Returns
Section 18-507.		Dates for Determining Tax Liability and Payments
Section 18-508.		Self-Employed Individuals
Section 18-509.		Individuals Engaged in More Than One Occupation or Employed in More One political Subdivision
Section 18-510.		Nonresidents Subject to Tax
Section 18-511.		Liability for Payment
Section 18-512.		Administration of Tax
Section 18-513.		Suits for Collection
Section 18-514.		Violations and Penalties
Section 18-515.		Interpretation



Article I
Title and Purpose

Section 20-101.		Short Title
Section 20-102.		Community Development Objectives
Section 20-103.		Scope of Regulations
Section 20-104.		Purposes of this Chapter

Article II

Section 20-201.		General Rules
Section 20-202.		Definitions

Article III
Establishment of Zoning Districts

Section 20-301.		Official Zoning Map
Section 20-302.		Application of Zoning District Regulations
Section 20-303.		Establishment of Zoning Districts

Article IV
General Conditions

The following conditions and supplementary regulations shall apply inclusively to Article V through Article XII, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Section 20-401.		Degree of Restrictiveness
Section 20-402.		Limitation of Land Use
Section 20-403.		Lot Requirements	
Section 20-404.		Height Requirements
Section 20-405.		Land Development
Section 20-406.		Accessory Structures

Article V
“R-1A” Low Density Residential District

Section 20-501.		Purpose
Section 20-502.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-503.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-504.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-505.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements

Article VI
“R-1” Single Family Residential District

Section 20-601.		Purpose
Section 20-602.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-603.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-604.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-605.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements

Article VII
“R-2” Multi-Family Residential District

Section 20-701.		Purpose
Section 20-702.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-703.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-704.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-705.		Lot Area, Yard and Requirements

Article VIII
“R-3” High Density Residential District

Section 20-801.		Purpose
Section 20-802.		Principal Permitted  Uses
Section 20-803.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-804.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-805.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements

Article IX
“C-1” Retail and Service Commercial District

Section 20-901.		Purpose
Section 20-902.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-903.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-904.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-905.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements

Article X
“C-2” Highway Commercial District

Section 20-1001.		Purpose
Section 20-1002.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1003.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-1004.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-1005.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements

Article XI
“M-1” Light industrial District

Section 20-1101.		Purpose
Section 20-1102.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1103.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-1104.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-1105.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements

Article XII
“M-2” Heavy Industrial District

Section 20-1201.		Purpose
Section 20-1202.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1203.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-1204.		Conditional  Uses
Section 20-1205.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements

Article XIII
Mineral Extraction Overlay District

Section 20-1301.		Findings
Section 20-1302.		Location of District Boundaries
Section 20-1303.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1304.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-1305.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-1306.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements
Section 20-1307.		Additional Standards
Section 20-1308.		Applicability
Section 20-1309.		Abrogation and Greater Restrictions
Section 20-1310.		Warning and Disclaimer of Liability
Section 20-1311.		Operator’s Agent
Section 20-1312.		Permits Required
Section 20-1313.		Issuance of a Permit(s)
Section 20-1314.		Application and Procedures Requirements
Section 20-1315.		Placards
Section 20-1316.		Start of Construction
Section 20-1317.		Inspection and Revocation
Section 20-1318.		Fees
Section 20-1319.		Notices and Penalties
Article XIV
Gateway Sign Overlay District

Section 20-1401.		Purpose
Section 20-1402.		Location of District Boundaries
Section 20-1403.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1404.		Dimensional Standards
Section 20-1405.		Accessory Uses and Structures
Section 20-1406.		Applicable Provisions

Article XV
“CIO” Core Infill Overlay District

Section 20-1501.		Purpose
Section 20-1502.		Location of District Boundaries
Section 20-1503.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1504.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-1505.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-1506.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements
Section 20-1507.		Site Development Standards

Article XVI
“RRO” Rural Resource Overlay District

Section 20-1601.		Purpose
Section 20-1602.		Location of District Boundaries
Section 20-1603.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1604.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-1605.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-1606.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements
Section 20-1607.		Site Development Standards

Article XVII
“ERO” Economic Resource Overlay District

Section 20-1701.		Purpose
Section 20-1702.		Location of District Boundaries
Section 20-1703.		Principal Permitted Uses
Section 20-1704.		Permitted Accessory Uses
Section 20-1705.		Conditional Uses
Section 20-1706.		Lot Area, Yard and Height Requirements
Section 20-1707.		Conditional Use Standards

Article XVIII
Supplemental Regulations

Several uses identified in this Chapter, even though permitted, are required to address these "supplemental regulations" which are intended to provide additional safety standards, both for the applicant and the adjacent property owners.

Section 20-1801.		Manufactured Homes
Section 20-1802.		Nonresidential Performance Standards
Section 20-1803.		Land Development
Section 20-1804.		Home Occupations
Section 20-1805.		General Landscaping
Section 20-1806.		Bufferyards/Screening
Section 20-1807.		Satellite Dish Antenna
Section 20-1808.		Excavation and/or Landfill
Section 20-1809.		Solar Considerations
Section 20-1810.		Fences, Hedges and Walls
Section 20-1811.		Self-Storage Facility
Section 20-1812.		Logging Operations
Section 20-1813.		Swimming Pools
Section 20-1814.		Adult Entertainment Establishments
Section 20-1815.		Campgrounds
Section 20-1816.		Stormwater Drainage
Section 20-1817.		Oil and Gas Operations
Section 20-1818.		Container Storage Area
Section 20-1819.		Motor Vehicle Sales and/or Rental
Section 20-1820.		Motor Vehicle Service and/or Repair 

Article XIX
Conditional Uses

Section 20-1901.		Purpose
Section 20-1902.		Application
Section 20-1903.		Review
Section 20-1904.		Permit Expiration
Section 20-1905.		Time Extension
Section 20-1906.		Performance Guarantee
Section 20-1907.		Appeals
Section 20-1908.		Conditional Use Standards and Criteria

Article XX
Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements

Wherever a building or structure is erected, enlarged or capacity increased, or the use is changed in any zoning district, improved and usable off-street parking and loading areas shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

Section 20-2001.		Requirements for Parking
Section 20-2002.		Requirements for  Loading

Article XXI

Section 20-2101.		Purpose
Section 20-2102.		Applicability
Section 20-2103.		General  Provisions
Section 20-2104.		Permitted Signs
Section 20-2105.		Regulations
Section 20-2106.		Prohibited Signs
Section 20-2107.		Permits
Section 20-2108.		Exemptions

Article XXII
Nonconforming Uses

The provisions of this Article shall apply to buildings, structures, signs, lands and uses which were legal prior to the original adoption of this Chapter, but which would not be permitted as the result of the application of this Chapter to their location or use in the Township, or as a result of the reclassification of the property containing them, or of the adoption of other amendments to this Chapter after the initial passage.  This Article is concerned with properties of inadequate area and/or frontage, uses of land where such land and/or structures are located and structures placed on a property too close to property boundary lines or too high for compliance with standards of the zoning district in which they are located.

A nonconforming building or structure existing at the time of original adoption of these zoning regulations may be continued and maintained, except as otherwise provided in this Article.

Section 20-2201.		Alteration or Enlargement of Nonconforming Buildings and Structures
Section 20-2202.		Building Vacancy
Section 20-2203.		Nonconforming Uses of Structure
Section 20-2204.		Reconstruction
Section 20-2205.		Nonconforming Use of Land

Article XXIII

Section 20-2301.		Duties of the Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer
Section 23-2302.		Zoning Building Permit
Section 20-2303.		Occupancy Permits
Section 20-2304.		Enforcement
Section 20-2305.		Enforcement Remedies
Section 20-2306.		Schedule of Fees

Article XXIV
Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board of the Township of Center, hereinafter in this Article known as the "Board," shall exercise the following powers as prescribed by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

Section 20-2401.		Operation of the Board
Section 20-2402.		Jurisdiction
Section 20-2403.		Hearings
Section 20-2404.		Mediation Option
Section 20-2405.		Functions of the Board
Section 20-2406.		Zoning Appeals

Article XXV

Section 20-2501.		Initiation
Section 20-2502.		Procedure
Section 20-2503.		Procedure for Landowner Curative Amendments
Section 20-2504.		Procedure for Municipal Curative Amendments

Article XXVI
Planned Residential Development

Section 20-2601.		Purpose
Section 20-2602.		Tentative Review and Approval
Section 20-2603.		Final Approval
Section 20-2604.		Plans for Tentative Approval
Section 20-2605.		Plans for Final Approval
Section 20-2606.		Permitted Uses
Section 20-2607.		Density
Section 20-2608.		Setbacks Generally
Section 20-2609.		Building Height
Section 20-2610.		Minimum Plot
Section 20-2611.		Interior Yards
Section 20-2612.		Vegetative Cover
Section 20-2613.		General Regulations
Section 20-2614.		Utilities
Section 20-2615.		Parking
Section 20-2616.		Drainage, Grading and Stormwater Management Control

Chapter 21
Stormwater Management

Article I
General Provisions

Section 21-101.		Short Title
Section 21-102.		Statement of Findings
Section 21-103.		Purpose
Section 21-104.		Statutory Authority
Section 21-105.		Applicability
Section 21-106.		Repealer
Section 21-107.		Severability
Section 21-108.		Compatibility with Other Ordinance Requirements
Section 21-109.		Duties of Persons Engaged in the Development of Land
Section 21-110.		Municipal Liability Disclaimer

Article II

Section 21-201.		General Rules
Section 21-202.		Definitions

Article III
Stormwater Management Standards

Section 21-301.		General Requirements
Section 21-302.		Exemptions/Modifications
Section 21-303.		Waivers
Section 21-304.		Volume Controls
Section 21-305.		Rate Controls
Section 21-306.		Sensitive Areas and Stormwater Hotspots

Article IV
Reserved for Future Use

Article V
Protected Watershed Standards

Section 21-501.		Protected Watershed Requirements

Article VI
Reserved for Future Use

Article VII
Design Criteria

Section 21-701.		Design Criteria for Stormwater Management & Drainage Facilities
Section 21-702.		Calculations Methodology

Article VIII
SWM Site Plan & Report Requirements

Section 21-801.		General Requirements
Section 21-802.		SWM Site Plan & Report Contents
Section 21-803.		SWM Site Plan & Report Submission
Section 21-804.		SWM Site Plan & Report Review
Section 21-805.		Modification of Plans
Section 21-806.		Resubmission of Disapproved SWM Site Plan & Report
Section 21-807.		Authorization to Construct and Term to Validity
Section 21-808.		Record Drawings, Completion Certificate and Final Inspection

Article XIX

Section 21-901.		Easements

Article X
Maintenance Responsibility

Section 21-1001.		Financial Guarantee
Section 21-1002.		Maintenance Responsibilities
Section 21-1003.		Maintenance Agreement for Privately Owned Stormwater Facilities

Article XI

Section 21-1101.		Schedule of Inspections
Section 21-1102.		Right-of-Entry

Article XII
Enforcement and Penalties

Section 21-1201.		Notification
Section 21-1202.		Enforcement
Section 21-1203.		Public Nuisance
Section 21-1204.		Suspension and Revocation
Section 21-1205.		Penalties
Section 21-1206.		Appeals

Article XIII

Section 21-1301.		Prohibited Discharges and Connections
Section 21-1302.		Roof Drains
Section 21-1303.		Alteration of BMPs

Article XIV
Fees and Expenses

Section 21-1401.		General
Section 21-1402.		Expenses Covered by Fees
Section 21-1403.		Recording of Approved SWM Site Plan and Related Agreements

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