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2018 Pipe Contract




Address Request Form

Assign property addresses


Adult Entertainment Application


Agricultural Building Exemption Form


Agricultural Security Area Application


Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Notification Form


Butler County Subdivision and Land Development Application


Change of Use and/or Occupancy Application (Fill-able PDF)


Commercial Construction Application


Communications Facilities Registration Form


Complaint Form


Conditional Use Application


Consultant Review Request


Demolition Application  

Must have tax certificate from Judy Heichel, Tax Collector


Driveway Construction Application


Excess Material Request


Excess Maintenance Agreement



Electrical Application


Firework Display Application


Holding Tank Agreement


Home Occupation Application (Fill-able PDF)


In Park Mobile Home Application


Junk Yard Application


Kiosks Application


Land Development Application

Multi-family or Nonresidential structures


Lien Letter Request


Local Earned Income Tax Form


Local Services Tax Exemption Form


Local Services Tax Refund Form


Logging Application


Mercantile/Business Tax Application


Mineral Extraction Permit Application


Mobile Home Park Permit Application

Annual Renewal Fee


Pennsylvania American Water Service Application


Peddlers/Solicitation Application         (Fill-able PDF)


Rental Property Tenant Registration


Residential Building & Zoning Permit Application  (Fill-able PDF)


Request for Review by Professional Consultant


Right-to-Know Request Form


Road Bond Agreement


Road Name Application


Road Occupancy Application


Sewage Facility Module Component 1


Sewage Facility Module Component 2


Sewage Facility Module Component 3


Sewage Facility Module Component 3S


Sewage Facility Module Component 4


Sewage Facility Planning Mailer


Sewage Holding Tank Agreement


Sewage Maintenance Agreement


Sewage Non Building Waiver


Sign Application              Fill-able PDF


Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Agreement


Stormwater Maintenance Waiver


Street Name Request Application



Subdivision Application


Swimming Pools, Spas or Hot Tubs Application    Fill-able PDF

Aboveground or In Ground, at least 24” of water


Pool Safety Barrier Guidelines


Tenant Change Packet


UCC Appeals Board Application


Workers’ Compensation Release Form


Zoning Change Application


Zoning Hearing Board Application